We provide our Added Value Distributor Services for our Business Partners in the following areas :


Partner Development

We help our Business Partners from day zero starting from registration as Partner and we go with them step by step to ensure that they are fully aligned to IBM programs and to be sure they have all of the benefits that IBM is offering.  

Partner Enablement

We help our Business Partners to obtain all of the required technical and sales skills to  become part of the IBM programs in the area they expert on. 

Partner Support

We provide all the necessary support to our Business Partners in Technical and Business issues 



We support our Business Partners in Marketing Campaigns through IBM fund.


Technical Skills through Educational Projects

We can work with our Business Partners as one team during the life time of thier projects.


You Pass We Pay

We help our Partners on all IBM programs such as You Pass, We Pay , which  is designed to help IBM Partners offset the expense of building technical skills by reimbursing the base cost of IBM software technical  certifications and optional preparatory roadmap education.


Contact us and We are ready to help any IT Company of all business sizes to become as an IBM Business Partner.

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Distribution Products

  • IBM

Portal and Web Content Management


  • IBM WebSphere Portal is a powerful solution for delivering engaging web content and applications in an integrated, differentiated and personalized web experience. WebSphere Portal supports workflows, content management, social, mobile web delivery, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security and scalability

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IBM social software


  • IBM Social  Software delivers robust collaboration software that empowers people to connect, collaborate, and innovate while optimizing the way they work. With Lotus you can drive better business outcomes through smarter collaboration.

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Enterprise Content Management System


  • IBM FileNet P8 platform: The IBM FileNet P8 platform offers enterprise-level scalability and flexibility to handle the most demanding content challenges, the most complex business processes, and integration to all your existing systems.

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  • IBM DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition :IBM Content Manager manages all types of digitized content across multiple platforms, databases and applications. It provides a content platform for imaging, digital asset management, Web content management and content integration.

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  • IBM DB2 Document Manager:  IBM Document Manager provides an application level environment for advanced document management on the IBM Content Manager framework. It is designed to help you manage the entire document lifecycle All facets of a document's use, including application integration with common applications, relationship management of related documents, lifecycle and records management, and document transitions.

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Middleware and Integration


  • IBM WebSphere Application Server:  WebSphere Application Server offers valuable options for a fast and flexible Java application server runtime environment and enhanced reliability and resiliency.

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  • IBM WebSphere MQSeries:  WebSphere MQ is your complete universal messaging backbone, enabling rapid, reliable, and secure transport of messages and data between applications, systems, and services.

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  • IBM Integration Bus: WebSphere Message Broker is a lightweight, advanced ESB that enables the integration of data sources from a wide range of platforms across both SOA and non-SOA environments.

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Requirements and QA

Rational Software enables flexible software development through enhanced team collaboration and better control of risk and change. This modular, solution-focused set of products and services helps increase efficiencies by aligning key capabilities including DevOps, continuous engineering and enterprise modernization with your business strategy.

Featured Rational products



Business continuity


BIA Professional®

The BIA Professional helps planners gather the information they need to identify critical business units and processes, the impact of outages over time, and the equipment necessary to recover. This information can be used independently for analysis, or it can be integrated into LDRPS, saving time, and ensuring consistency of data across your entire program.


Risk Assessment

The Risk Assessment enables identification of technical, human, natural, and proximal (e.g., nearby highway) risks threatening any location, along with the probability and potential impact of specific risks.


Vendor Assessment

Organizations recognize their supply chain has become critical to the operation of the business — and it's no longer acceptable to simply trust that a vendor will be reliable during a disruption. The Vendor Assessment can help evaluate service providers' or suppliers' compliance with their continuity requirements.


Work Force Assessment

Whether the situation involves the major loss of a facility, the failure of a critical business operation or a widespread event such as a pandemic, the Work Force Assessment helps you evaluate your critical personnel's ability to respond to disruptions.



LDRPS® (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System) provides essential flexibility of plan design, data collection, importing and exporting of data, customization, report generation, and ongoing plan maintenance. It also guides planners with built-in methodology, while providing ample opportunity to customize continuity programs to match individual preferences.


Test Management

Test Management automates the process of testing, validating and troubleshooting the plans that have been developed for recovery. With Test Management you can specify the scope and type of test; set test conditions (components or elements to be tested, participants); collect results; validate test success and failure; track issues created from failed elements, and any follow-up actions.


Incident Manager® powered by WebEOC®

Instead of a room full of phones and white boards, the ideal method for coordinating emergency response is a virtual Emergency Operations Center (EOC), such as Incident Manager® powered by WebEOC®. With the ability to escalate vital issues online, you can track recovery efforts remotely with the only command center automation software that integrates with LDRPS.



NotiFind® is a communication tool that does more than contact people — it gets responses. NotiFind enables users to quickly contact key personnel, deliver critical messages, and receive important data that helps you make informed decisions.